2016 Vistage Executive Summit


Bold leadership

Shifting perspectives through the power of peers

In a global economy ruled by constant disruption, the success of your business depends on your ability to boldly lead — as an entrepreneur, a dreamer, an innovator, a cheerleader, a visionary and a peer. Leveraging the power of your Vistage peers as well as top thought leaders, the 2016 Vistage Executive summit will help you gain a 360 view of your company and your leadership style, shift your perspective on your most pressing business issues, and achieve a plan of action for business growth.

At the summit, explore the different roles you need to master in order to transform your business:

  • The Entrepreneur: Where can you ignite growth in your organization?
  • The Leader: Are you leading your business or simply managing?
  • The Dreamer: Do you have a vision that everyone understands?
  • The Innovator: Are you able to identify areas that have gone stagnant in your business? Do you have the tools to address them?

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