About David

David JudsonCalifornia native David Judson, a lifelong storyteller now at Global Foresight, continues his work that has criss-crossed and dissected the world for four decades. Currently, he divides his storytelling time between Austin, Texas and the San Francisco headquarters of GF.

Projects in various stages of incubation include data security, the school violence initiative known as El Diablo Global and other endeavors which all share the common of goal paradigmatic change worldwide.

Before joining this consortium, Judson was for five years the editor-in-chief of Stratfor, the provocative geopolitical intelligence firm. He joined Stratfor from the Hurriyet Daily News, the Middle East daily known for its bite, where he was also editor-in-chief. That eight-year assignment at the Istanbul-based Dogan Media Group included three years as managing editor of Referans, the Turkish language business daily. Judson also did stints as Vice President/International of Turkey’s Kavrakoglu Consulting (now Kavrakoglu Management Institute;) and as councilor to the chairman of the Beyazit Group of Companies, where he focused primarily on the group’s automotive manufacturing competency.

This second career in journalism, publishing and consulting was preceded by Judson’s 20-year career in North American journalism. Thus began Judson’s role as a reporter with one of America’s smallest newspapers, the Amador Progress-News. It was then to include time at the nation’s largest newspaper, USA Today. Most of these decades were spent with Gannett Newspapers, the world’s largest newspaper group and at the company’s wire service, Gannett News Service.

Judson and his wife, Nermin Judson, make their home in Austin.


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