About Global Foresight

Global Foresight offers a rich suite of services designed to guide organizations through tumultuous business conditions and a chaotic world stage. Leaders cannot only survive uncertainty; they can discover the incredibly rich opportunities that are open to those with foresight and the ability to innovate strategically and aggressively. Global Foresight’s team of experts, led by founder and CEO Mary O’Hara-Devereaux, provides the research, analysis, insight, and advice organizations need to meet the future with confidence and optimism.

Where is Your Organization Headed?

What challenges and opportunities will your organization face in two years? In five? In ten? Using an evidence-based approach and a variety of groundbreaking forecasting processes and methods, Global Foresight can create a solid picture of the future and characterize the uncertainty surrounding it. The value of understanding the future is the implications that it has for today. What can leaders do now to prepare their organizations for tomorrow?

The Power of Forecasts

Accurate and useful forecasts focus on more than the economy; longer-term views examine and analyze demographic, technological, economic, social, and political forces and how these trends will intersect. Global Foresight looks at the future through a variety of lenses to create a robust picture from the disparate puzzle pieces so organizations can discard decaying assumptions and strategy and adopt plans that will lead to sustainable growth.

Global Foresight not only helps you see what lies ahead, but can help you develop the strategies and leadership skills necessary to navigate into the future. The team’s collective cross-industry experience and in-depth knowledge ensures clients have access not only to the world’s leading future forecasting services but to pragmatic, sensible strategic design and development.

Seeing the future does little good if we continue business as usual; Global Foresight’s mission is to help leaders not only see, but do; not only know, but act. 

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