Fault Lines: Eight Trends That Will Disrupt Your Future

Powerful forces are working to sculpt a new economic and social landscape. In this provocative, energizing keynote, Mary discusses some surprising demographic shifts; what’s on the technology horizon; an insider view of China; and critical trends. Mary also offers a customized Fault Lines and Trends keynote highlighting the trends most relevant to your organization, and what to do about them.

Selected Key Concepts:

  • U.S. & Global Outlook to 2020
  • The rise of the economy of ‘Me’
  • The end of BRIC; Rise of the new 20
  • Senior consumers transform the global market place
  • Harnessing Big Data
“Mary is in the disruption business. She is guaranteed to shake up your thinking—in the best and most productive way imaginable—on strategy or how to dispel the sacred cows that are getting in your way.”

Kaj Alhmann, Managing Director
Chairman Global Advisory Council Insurance, Deutsche Bank

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