Geeks not Geezers: The Millennials Come of Age

From this presentation you will gain unrivalled insights about the Millennials that will help you understand and appreciate them, hire and retain them, and leverage their considerable talent. Based on Mary’s primary global research on these remarkable young global citizens, this lively keynote will dispel the many myths about the Millennials. Get a sneak preview of Gen Z.

Selected Key Concepts:

  • Millenials raised by soccer moms
  • Best practices for recruiting and retention
  • Managing the cross generational values clashes
  • Gen Y as leaders: Promise and Pitfalls
“You really disturbed my thinking. Thank you for letting me leap on stage to engage with you on what we need to do to bring this generation into our culture. We will never forget this presentation.”

Greg Diekemper, CEO
Swank AV

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