Strategy Design

Focus on Value Innovation and New Market Spaces

To grow your organization, you need to design and build value innovations that create new market space with substantial demand. You can’t achieve this with traditional strategic planning or by simply trying to out-compete existing players through incremental improvements in your value proposition.

What: We’ll help you discover the strategic moves that will create a new market space—plus a leap in demand—that drives your growth and profits way beyond industry expectations.

Who: Our Strategy Design services are for companies and organizations looking for a game-changing strategy, not just a traditional strategic planning process and report—companies ready to “trade up” their current planning context to one that supports value innovation.

How: Global Foresight works shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to find those targets no one else can see. Our goal is to help you create a leap in demand in a whole new market, using a unique set of creative tools that includes a bold vision mandala, strategy canvases, strategic opportunity maps, gap analyses, risk assessments and mitigations, blueprints and roadmaps—all designed to help you build towards your future.

Delieverables: Organizational and leadership readiness to execute a disruptive strategy and a full set of tools for executing your plan and monitoring results.

Case Study: Patelco

Not many sectors of the worldwide economy can match global financial services for dynamic growth and fundamental change. Credit unions, however, have been losing market share and forecasts predict a 50% decline in such businesses over the next 10 years.

Patelco, the 9th largest credit union in the U.S., wanted to take a fresh look at how to innovate and grow in this unfriendly environment. The Global Foresight Team was called in to help uncover the hidden opportunities in Patelco’s market–and to design strategies for making the most of them.

We completed a customized forecast of consumer financial services, and identified five new consumer targets that we felt would create a leap in demand for Patelco’s services. Patelco’s entire executive team, Board of Directors, and middle management were engaged in the resulting rollout of a new strategic plan that went on to achieve remarkable results.

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