The Chalkboard Notes: The Future of Higher Education and Adult Learning

Based on Mary’s recent ground-breaking forecast of higher education and adult learning to 2025, this keynote offers a clear view of the strategic imperatives for institutions, organizations, and learners of all kinds. You will take home a rich treasure chest of ideas and strategies that will help you create a customized roadmap into this new future.

Selected Key Concepts:

  • Shift from education to learning
  • Learning environments of the future
  • Benefits and distraction of technology to 2025
  • Meeting the challenge of the increasing diversity of students
”There is no one who has put together a more coherent understanding of the future of higher education and how it must change than Mary. You turned our faculty and Board’s minds 180 degrees. You have shaped our future in a much different way.”

Judy Kuipers, Ph.D.
Dean Fielding Graduate University

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