The “California Dream” continues to fuel innovations in high tech and the promise of an exciting “society. As the fifth-largest economy in the world in terms of GDP, California is a nation-state that continues to defy the odds amid claims that it is ungovernable and will soon decline.

This keynote paints a realistic, opportunistic view of California’s future based on its astounding demographics, diverse regions and serious long term problems.

“Despite the economic volatility and homegrown protracted problems, California economy continues to perform well even though it is slowing and changing. Will California re-invent itself again in the 2020’s?”

Selected Key Concepts:

  • High performing economy- will it continue?
  • The California jobs machine
  • Who’s coming to California and leaving?
  • Regional Outlooks
  • California’s demographic diversity: Feature or bug?
  • The enduring lure of California: Myth of future reality?
  • Huge challenges to overcome
  • Forecast & Stories 2030 & Beyond

“Your Keynote is always a huge hit with our participants.  They talk about its impact on them all year!”

Pamela Hemann, Executive Director, Leadership California