Navigating the Badlands

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Your Guide to Navigate Through the Badlands

Here, at the Badlands Blog, I will continue to share my insights, actions and tools to make this a successful journey as a leader and an organization. I am an optimist, and I believe passionately that we can build a great future that includes all of us—but not without making radical changes to how we work and live, focusing consciously and continually on doing the right thing globally. We have the resources, both human and material, to do this, but there is no external force or agent that guarantees we will succeed. Participation is not optional. The new environment, with its continual supply of disruptions, will force us to make new choices. To accomplish our mission of shaping the next era, each of us needs to undertake a hero’s journey in quest of a new way of life, embracing the uncertainties along the way and endowing with courage the diverse peoples of our global world. Throughout history the hero’s journey has always been painful; this one will be no different. Luckily, we can learn the leadership insights and lessons from the pioneers already beyond the Badlands.

Are you ready to lead the journey of a lifetime?

The “Badlands” — A Concept of the Unfolding Story of Global Transformation

In geographic parlance, “Badlands” are a type of terrain of soft, rocky soil often eroded by water and rain. Treacherous slopes, minimal vegetation, precarious gullies – and also dramatic canyons, soaring mesas and glistening

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