Coaching for Tangible Results

Every business leader faces inscrutable challenges and opportunities in this unprecedented and rapid economic and social transformation. This demands they ‘trade up’ their leadership behavior to maximize their chances for business success. Navigating OUT of the Badlands is not for the faint of heart or those who are unwilling to learn.

Dr. Mary O’Hara-Devereaux believes the biggest success factor in executive coaching is not the coach, but a leader who is dedicated to improving themselves first so their company can follow. They must be truly motivated to change. This includes input and feedback from members of your executive team—key stakeholders in the results.

Mary works with leaders who meet the following criteria:

  • Have high integrity and ethics
  • Are confident and successful in both their own eyes and those of their executive teams
  • Are life long learners with a history of improving themselves, not just asking others to improve
  • Are willing to include insights and feedback from executive team members in the process.
  • Are motivated to change, willing to work hard, and ready to be held accountable
  • Are committed to a process to achieve goals measured by tangible results

Mary provides three distinct types of executive coaching to select C-Suite executives. All are aimed at improved leadership and business results. Fundamental to all three is the active involvement of the leader and his/her executive team. Improved leadership and strategy do not occur in a vacuum.

Mary with Professor Chen Zhangliang in his office in the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Strategic coaching is focused on improving strategic thinking and supporting the development and execution of breakthrough strategies to achieve lasting long-term results. Mary becomes a thinking partner in strategy creation, as well as a facilitator in defining the strategy and roadmap. A leading futurist, Mary is able to help leaders spot targets no one else can see. These “Blue Ocean” strategies will help you create new market spaces.

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Leadership coaching helps successful executives become better leaders. Coaching focuses on making targeted changes in leadership behavior and extinguishing unhelpful or outdated habits. To be successful, the leader, select executive team members and the coach must agree to the program and buy in to the process.

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In addition to her private executive coaching practice, Mary works with Vistage International as a Peer Advisory Group Chair leading two peer advisory groups, one for chief executives and another for key executives, from the middle market in the San Francisco Bay Area. Members of Vistage groups attend group sessions and receive 1:1 coaching sessions every month in addition to other activities. Each program is limited to 15 members and is invitation only.

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Coaching Credentials, Expertise and Experience

Mary has been a trusted leadership and strategic coach to hundreds of executives across major industries in 35 countries.

There is little she has not seen in her 20 years of working with leaders of Global 100, family-owned, and professionally managed middle market companies. In addition to her private coaching practice, Mary is a Vistage CEO Group Chair working with middle market CEOs and key executives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for her uncanny ability to seamlessly integrate her strategic business knowledge with her clinical psychology and behavioral science expertise, Mary works with executives to lead strategy, improve leadership ability, and direct major change.

Holding degrees from the University of Michigan (BS), University of California at Davis (M.S. & MHS), and Fielding Graduate University (Phd), Mary also has a clinical psychology license from the State of California. While on the faculty of the University of California Davis Medical School, she provided individual counseling, and couples and family therapy. Mary made noted innovations in integrating counseling and behavioral sciences into the curriculum and practicums of medical nurse practitioner and physician assistant programs.

Mary established her name in the coaching world, becoming a sought-after coach of leading executives in the health sector. Leaders were charged with making major changes in the delivery and education systems in the United States and 30 countries around the world. Transitioning to global business over 20 years ago, Mary continues to provide leadership and strategic coaching to CEOs and C-Suite executives. She built deep industry knowledge in sectors from high-tech to energy to consumer products, and added another 30 countries to her international work experience. From China to Sweden to Central America to Turkey to Africa, Mary’s cross-cultural coaching skills are legendary to achieving business results and leadership development across 6 continents.
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Mary has been an essential part of our success and growth at IT Convergence for more than 4 years. I got to know Mary as the Chairperson of our Vistage CEO Group. Our monthly discussions cover a wide array of topics, strategic planning, recruiting, marketing, finance, leadership and much more. Since that time she’s had the opportunity to coach nearly all of our executives staff. Both Mary and my Vistage Group have been an indispensable Board of Advisors to me personally and my company. If you are a CEO looking to take your company to new heights I highly recommend you get in touch with her.

Patrick Krause, President, IT Convergence

Mary cares deeply for every member of her group. She encourages personal and corporate growth. Her wealth of experience as a futurist and strategic planner provide our group with an invaluable base of knowledge to guide our business.

Shelly Wong, Founder High Street Lofts, Eco-Core Furniture

I would not be where I am as a CEO and my company would not have grown and prospered without my Vistage Group.

Jaclyn Carpenter, CEO, Ideal SF

My Vistage Group and Mary have helped me learn an incredible amount and made a huge difference to our company’s success. Mary’s forecasts and trend analysis have shown us how to change to meet a dynamic market.”

Drew Knobel, EVP Sales, Greenleaf