How much life is left in your current strategy?

Most organizations don’t place enough emphasis on objectively assessing their strategies’ rate of decline. All strategies decay. This is especially dangerous in these times where the pace of change is even faster than in the last 10 years. Strategies become irrelevant much more quickly in the Age of Accelerations. There are few, very few perpetually successful strategies. How knowledgeable are you about the signs of decay in your company?

“Provocative and Pragmatic — I could immediately put the strategies we created to work in my company.”
– Derek Van Eck, President, Global Financial Services, New York

Mary looks at the future through a variety of lenses, using disparate puzzle pieces of the most relevant trends and drivers to create a comprehensive picture of your future. This allows organizations to discard decaying assumptions and strategies and create strategies and adopt plans that will lead to sustainable growth and innovation.

How much life does your current strategy have?  A strategic briefing by Mary can provide you with reliable forecasted business intelligence customized to you.

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