China’s Generations: The Transformation of Daily Life

Whether you want to optimize your consumer strategy or learn deeply about China through understanding the people better, China’s Generations, based on our own extensive primary research across all regions in China, will be a trustworthy guide.

An insightful book that includes several multicolored pullouts summarizing key research findings linked to leading-edge consumers.


China’s Generation Wall Chart

Keep China foreground everyday: display a one-of-a-kind, vivid and informative full-color wall chart depicting China’s generations and the historical markers that formed their characters. Give one to all your suppliers and all of your team who will have contact with the Chinese in their work. It is especially appreciated by your Chinese partners.


China’s Workforce Conundrum

Nothing is changing more quickly and at the same time more slowly that China’s brave new world of work. Gain insights into the employment challenges the workforce and employers face, learn the basic statistics and their interpretation to help you think about the implications for your business.


Sandwich Generation—Knowledge Worker Pioneers in China’s Changing Workplace

Gain insight into China’s knowledge worker challenges by learning about the first generation to enter the workforce with more modern education and new dreams and aspirations of private sector jobs. Gain perspective from comparisons to work life in state owned enterprises.