Navigating the Badlands: Thriving in this Decade of Radical Transformation

How to stay on top during this perilous new phase of global transformation
Navigating the Badlands is filled with the strategies necessary to move forward successfully in the unforgiving business climate that lies ahead, explores the challenges of developing executive readiness and effective leadership, and describes eight Organizational Pains, New Capabilities, and Principles of Transformation vital for doing business in the Badlands. The book provides powerful diagnostic and communication tools, short-term and long-term strategic support, and new collaborative suggestions for the journey. In addition, Navigating the Badlands is filled with illustrative stories of success and failures from a wide variety of companies and organizational models around the world.

GlobalWork: Bridging Distance, Culture and Time (The Jossey-Bass Management Series) 

(Jossey Bass Business & Management Series) 1st Edition)

Provides practical answers to the most pressing questions faceddaily by today’s global managers. Based on groundbreaking research conducted by the Institute for the Future on behalf of such organizations as Apple Computer, AT&T, and American Express,this guide to the challenges of managing globally identifies thekey competencies that managers need to succeed in the global workplace.

Historical Cycle of Disruptive Innovation

We are now some sixty years into a seventy-five-year historical cycle of innovation which should end around 2025. This whitepaper, an excerpt from Navigating the Badlands, outlines the 7 lessons to be learned from the History of Disruptive Innovations and what implications these have for you and your organization.

Navigating the Badlands — Organization Pains in Turbulent Times

This is a six-page excerpt that discusses the nine pains organizations face as they ‘Navigate Through the Badlands’ in these transformational times as explained by Cynthia D. Scott and Mary O’Hara-Devereaux.

Future’s Tool Pack

Thinking about the future in uncertain times is very challenging to executives who are used to making decisions basedon historic data, and who find a spreadsheet their most useful tool. This document will help you understand that the the future won’t resemble the past along major dimensions such as capital flows, jobs, technology, and strategies, to name a few.

Badlands Leadership Principles

“The Badlands” is a metaphor for the new global context where all of us have to make a hero’s journey and there is only the illusion of escape. This document will teach you the eight principles of transformation needed to thrive in the Badlands and beyond.

Leadership Characteristics and Challenges

This one page tool supports you to see the leadership characteristics most important to use for meeting the variety of challenges in the Badlands.

Strategic Power Networks—Eight Steps

A Strategic Power Network is an enlightened, influential web of relationships you design in support of a specific strategic initiative you want to lead. This graphic one page tool maps out the eight steps your need to complete to build a strategic power network that will enable you to lead from the top of your game.

Tactics for Accelerating Leadership Effectiveness

This one page tool provides a list of the eight leadership principles for navigating the badlands with specific interventions and actions linked to specific goals.

Diagnose Strategy Tragedy

As your organization navigates through the Badlands and into the Foothills of the Future are you set-up for success? Or for strategy tragedy pain? Use this diagnosis tool to find out how you are at risk along 12 dimensions.

Tools to Anticipate Strategy Decay

Use this tool to analyze out your strategy decay across 4 categories: Replication, Supplantation, Exhaustion, Evisceration.

Self-Leadership: Taking a Hero’s Journey