Now is the time to create your game plan for the longer term future. 2012 should be good for business growth. Take that leap of faith! Don’t risk becoming the arsonist of your own fire!

  • Tune up or change your vision. We are coming to the end of these Badlands. The future won’t resemble the past. What are the right changes for you?
  • Map your new sweet spot in this environment even if it means radical innovation and creating new market space.
  • Craft your competitive advantage carefully. What is your secret sauce?
  • What is your new growth strategy? Define your target customers extremely well.
  • How is your readiness to achieve growth in this anemic but improving economy? What needed internal changes should you make to assure you can take advantage of this new field of opportunities?
  • Don’t wait to hire ‘A’ players that fit with your new vision.
  • What do you need to assure you make better decisions and achieve better results in this new environment? Maximize your chances. Contact Mary about joining a Vistage CEO or Key Executive Group.

“Mary is in the disruption business. She is guaranteed to shake up your thinking on strategy or how to drive your sacred cows out to pasture.”

Kaj Ahlmann, Founder and President, Six Sigma Winery Chairman, Global Advisory Board for Insurance and Asset Management