“The Badlands” is Mary’s metaphor for the challenging transition from the end of the Industrial Era to the full promise of the Information Age.

We are now about to enter the last half of the Badlands at the full bloom of the “age of acceleration’ when everything goes faster and many humans cannot adapt.   It is volatile and challenging — a time to be smartly bold, innovate and take risks. The rewards are great for those who are not faint of heart.

Mary also offers a customized Leadership & Strategy keynote highlighting the disruptions and trends most relevant to your organization, and what to do about them.

Selected Key Concepts:

  • 8 principles to lead to 2030
  • Managing yourself in conditions of high risk and uncertainty
  • Leadership challenges, personal characteristics, and competencies
  • Mastery of the art of scan, scout, and steer.

“Mary O’Hara Devereaux first guides you through the major organizational and leadership shifts we have all been challenged to navigate, and then she delivers a carefully constructed framework that optimizes organizations and leaders opportunities to thrive in these turbulent times. She takes you into the future and gives you the tools and inspiration to plan from there.”

Pamela Heman, Executive Director, Association Management; Board of Directors, American Society of Association Executives, USA

“Navigating the Badlands offers a concise coherent interpretation of globalization and its impacts on companies along with strategies to do something about it.”

Harald Pressler, DaimlerChrysler AG