From this presentation you will gain unrivaled insights about Gen Z that will help you understand and appreciate them, hire and retain them, and leverage their considerable talent. They are the most multi-cultural generation in America.

Surrounded by ‘DIY’ education and crowd-sourcing, these teens dream of self employment and feel optimistic about their own future.

“They intend to change the world, and are eager to start working…Entrepreneurship is in their DNA!”
— Mary

Selected Key Concepts:

  • Profiles – Their Beliefs and Interests
  • Comparison with Gen Y (Millenials)
  • The True Digital Natives and very Socially Conscious
  • The Context they grew up in – Seminal Events
  • Gen Z in the Workplace: What to expect and how to leverage their considerable talent
  • Best practices for recruiting and retention
  • Managing the cross generational values clashes

“I cannot express adequately my profound gratitude for your coming to present and then facilitate several sessions with the Business Across Borders Plus Program. You are an amazing person, and the feedback from my young MBA students from 25 different countries has been 100% enthusiastic!”

Leslie Jarmon, PhD, Director, Business Across Borders MBA Program; McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin