As Western cultures seek out opportunity in China, it is important that we understand one fundamental principle: American and Chinese cultures are polar opposites. They think, perceive, manage, communicate, and share information in ways that are diametrically opposed.

To understand Chinese culture at a glance takes more than one glance. There are five different cultural lenses through which one can look at cultures in order to gain a deeper understanding of them.  Becoming competent working within that cultural understanding is the first and most important step in building and strengthening productive cross-cultural business relationships.

Mary also offers a customized China & Globalization keynote highlighting the disruptions and trends most relevant to your organization, and what to do about them.

Selected Key Concepts:

  • China’s History & Culture – Influences Today and Tomorrow
  • Five Big Shifts
  • Leadership and Decision-making
  • The U.S & China – Roles, Relationships, Influence on the Global Stage
  • The Chinese Economy – The shift to a consumer economy
  • Competitiveness – What and How…
  • Two Scenarios: 2030 & 2050

“Navigating the Badlands will help Chinese CEOs build innovative companies for the global marketplace and avoid the common problems and pains of their global competitors.  This book will end up in every Chinese strategy meeting.”

Zhangliang Chen, Founder and CEO of several Chinese Private Venues; Member of the National Peoples Congress; President, China Agricultural University; Vice-President, Peking University; Global 100 Young Leaders, Davos Economic Forum, Beijing, China

“Mary provided China Insights that surprised me despite my long, successful business dealings with the Mainland. ”

Norman Yuen, Deputy Managing Director CIYIC, Pacific Ltd