Profound changes are transforming the world of work. Understand eight powerful shifts that will reshape individual and organizational life over the next 5 to 10 years, and gain insight into the six skills you’ll need to prosper in the work-space of the future.

With rapid changes occurring throughout the Badlands and beyond, today’s knowledge workers must go beyond the current needs of the economy and focus on the skills organizations will need in the future. Both macro-drivers and disruptive shifts can provide key indicators of what the future of work will look like and what specific skills will be most important.

Mary also offers a customized Future of Work keynote highlighting the disruptions and trends most relevant to your organization, and what to do about them.

Selected Key Concepts:

  • Explore the human comparative advantage with machines
  • Disruptive shifts to 2030 – will there still be jobs?
  • Six skills for the future – A Deep Dive
  • The surprising rise of social skills
  • How will smart machines replace work – a look at what and when
  • Implications for education

“I’ve never seen our members so quiet and spellbound. Every point hits home.”

Ellen Glanz, Global HRPS