Strategic Coaching

CEOs and key executives of middle market companies often find that their strategic skills need improvement, particularly as they grow from one level of an organization to the next. Strategic executive coaching focuses on improving a leader’s ability to think strategically and on creating a profitable strategy that targets his/her best opportunities. Although it includes behavioral leadership coaching, it is focused on strategy. Mary has coached and designed strategic processes for hundreds of C-Suite executives in companies of all sizes. She has streamlined her knowledge into a strategic executive coaching process that is efficient, educational, and affordable to middle market CEOs and companies. An educator, facilitator, thinking partner, forecaster, and trend analyst, Mary actively engages and coaches leaders to achieve strategy development and execution. Common elements to the process
  • Review of existing strategic documents and identification of gaps and relevancy. This includes a review of vision and values
  • Economic forecast and trend analysis session for the CEO and key executives. Not only is this fully customized for the company, it contains specific actionable implications
  • 3-4 coaching sessions with the CEO, designed to improve strategic thinking
  • Session with the CEO to review and decide on a strategy process that best fits
  • Interviews with key executives to determine their strategic thinking capacity. These interviews also generate feedback on their assessment of the strategic leadership capacity and gaps of the CEO
  • Session with CEO to select the strategy team, including rationale as to who to include and exclude
  • Coaching with CEO on executing his/her role and supporting the executive team in developing and executing strategy. Includes continuous coaching on strategic thinking improvement
  • Facilitation of the strategy process including roadmap and metrics
  • Strategic coaching through execution at least quarterly for one year

Start Thinking More Strategically

Are you looking to improve your ability to think strategically? Do you want to create a profitable strategy plan? If so, please contact Mary today for more information on how Strategic Coaching can help you achieve your goals.

“With her skills in understanding markets, corporate organizations and strategy, Mary is a great coach in formulating and developing my role, in strategizing development of my team, and in recommending processes for visioning and implementing strategy. I especially appreciate her supporting my commitment to balancing my business and personal life.”

Beverly Prior, President, HMC Architects