To thrive in their journey out of the Badlands, successful leaders will need to create Strategic Power Networks – networks that launch innovations to bust through the obstacles posed by today’s toxic leaders and the volatility and uncertainty of these historic times.

In this no-holds-barred presentation, you will gain invaluable insights into the journey to 2025, an extreme context for leadership, and learn how to build such a network.

Mary also offers a customized Leadership and Strategy keynote highlighting the disruptions and trends most relevant to your organization, and what to do about them.

Selected Key Concepts:

  • Learn how to build a strategic power network
  • How to build and spend social capital effectively
  • The power of velcro relationships
  • Weaving a powerful web of influence to achieve flawless execution

“Great information! It was truly a wonderful and thought-provoking presentation. Totally new way to think about leadership.”

Vanessa Johnson, Oracle