We are in the midst of a global economic upheaval of unprecedented magnitude. Global headwinds continue to gather as the trade wars escalate, the Eurozone stalls out and there is a global synchronized deceleration which includes China and Japan. Talk of a global recession increases and global risks are on the downside. The short-term looks challenging, but what about the longer term? Is globalization here to stay?

Mary forecast the rise of China in 1990, Great Recession of 2008 in 2004, the Two Headed Dragon of US and China by 2020 in 2005, and the disruptive force of AI, biotech & social media in 2005. She has worked in 66 countries on 6 continents. With her insider’s insight into many emerging economies, and her fingers on the pulse of the US, she offers clear-eyed forecasts about the future of globalization.

“With emerging economies now contributing more to the global GDP than the developed economies, What’s Next?”

Selected Key Concepts:

  • Globalization – Winners and Losers to Date
  • How U.S. co-pilots with China in 2020 and beyond
  • How China will shift to a consumer economy?
  • Continuing drivers of the Euro-zones weak economy – Beyond Brexit
  • Climate Change
  • Role of technology?  Science?
  • Four Scenarios to 2040 – Is it the end or the expansion of globalization?

“The most powerful presentation I have heard about globalization in a long time.  Mary will change the way you think about the future.  Her insights are both sobering and empowering.”

Annalee Saxenian, Dean, School of Information and Management Systems, University of California, Berkeley

“Very provocative and useful. You forecast several things we hadn’t thought of. The 8 guiding principles were very important for us.”

CFO, Heineken