“The past isn’t dead, it’s not even past”- William Faulkner

You are still in the Badlands, a metaphor for the transition zones between eras. With the recession of 2008 distant in the rear-view mirror you thought you were approaching the Far Foothills of the Future.  But you might notice the fundamentally altered landscape all around.  In 2020, you realize you have plunged further into the global tumult and chaos marked by a continuous unraveling of an economic and cultural Badlands.

This landscape is more treacherous and unpredictable than it was in the first two decades of the 21st Century. It is now characterized by ever more scientific and technological innovation and these have surpassed human’s ability to adapt. With America at the cross roads, Asia is rising fast, automation and artificial intelligence are transforming work, a growing wealth gap simply cannot be closed and children ask, “when I grow up will I have a job? Punctuated with an ever growing number of toxic leaders, this chilling environment makes you wonder – “how do I get from here to there?”

Questions are more important than answers. What challenges and opportunities will your organization face in two years? How can you not become irrelevant? In five? In ten? In twenty years? In an environment that demands radical innovation, you cannot be a risk avoider and a stability junkie. Innovation is the creation of relevancy for the future. How irrelevant are you today — let alone for that which is coming in 2030 and beyond?

One value of understanding the future is in the implications that it has for today. Using an evidence-based approach and a variety of groundbreaking forecasting processes and methods, Global Foresight can create a solid picture of the future and characterize the uncertainty surrounding it. What can leaders do now to prepare themselves and their organizations for tomorrow? How can you arrive fast and first to the foothills of the future beyond the Badlands?

Every journey to the future is unique. The Badlands are characterized by tumultuous business conditions, a chaotic world stage, massively changing demographics and an America at the crossroads. Global Foresight’s network of experts provides the research, analysis, insight and advice leaders organizations need to meet the future with confidence and optimism.

Accurate and useful forecasts focus on more than the economy; longer-term views examine and analyze demographic, technological, economic, social and political forces and determine how these trends will intersect. This is the multi-dimensional portrait of the horizon you need as your guide to the Far Foothills of the Future.